Laughlin River Run 2015 Concerts


 The 33rd annual Laughlin River Run is gearing up fast.  Here is a list of the concerts already scheduled for the bigger venues.  If you are interested in tickets, act fast.  Details here:  Laughlin River Run 2015 Concerts 


Take the 1st Annual

Best Buzz of Laughlin Survey


The 1st annual Best Buzz of Laughlin survey has launched.   We want to find out what you love the most about Laughlin.   As much as we love the rest of the Tri-state area the Best Buzz of Laughlin awards are for
Laughlin only. 

2014 Revenue for Laughlin Up 1%  


The 2014 gaming revenue numbers were recently released by the Nevada Gaming Board. For the year ending 2014 Laughlin was up 1%. Meanwhile, statewide Nevada was down    See all the numbers here

Laughlin Louie Sees his Shadow  


Laughlin winters and weather are wonderful comared to most of the rest of the country.  Even though the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks or winter, we prefer to go by local duck, Laughlin Louie.   See his prediction and more  details about weather in Laughlin, plus a link to a weather webcam. 

Join Our Laughlin Buzz FB group  


We are still updating features here but a new look for LaughlinBuzz.Com is  coming soon!   Meanwhile we invite you to come over and Join our Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group.  900+ locals and visitors who love Laughin already have.   You can ask questions, share your trip reports, join in the discussions.   Laughlin Facebook Group  


El Burro Borracho Now Open  


Guy Fieri's new restaurant, El Burro Borracho located at  Harrah;s Laughlin will be open starting on December 29th at 4pm.  We shared a sneak peek of a tasting including pictures and a mini-review here.
See the El Burro Borracho menu shared with us on Facebook.

Dunkin Donuts is Open


Dunkin Donuts is now open at the Edgewater Casino. The store is located just inside the main entrance by the registration area.  Hours are currently 5am to 9pm.  

A Visit to Oatman from Laughlin


If you haven't made the short trek from Laughlin to Oatman, AZ now is a great time to do it.   Surprisingly, we had not and finally made the run up the mountain. We highly recommend it and will be back again.   See details and pictures here.  


Late Night Bites at Gold Diggers


 We just heard about these specials.  Only available on Tuesday and Wednesday at Gold Diggers in the Golden Nugget Laughlin.   Click here to read more about them  and see the rest of the Late Night Bites on the Menu.


Range Steakhouse Review


 We  finally made our first visit to The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's Laughlin. This is an upscale dining spot with River views featuring many chef specialties, including excellent Steak and Lobster.  Read our Review Here


Best Prime Rib on the River


We recently had an opportunity to visit The Lodge Steakhouse twice to try their  Prime Rib Special.  This is currently served only on Sunday.   If you like Prime Rib this is a must try at an awesome price.   Read Our Complete Review with Pictures Here   The Lodge Steakhouse is located in the Laughlin River Lodge (formerly the River Palms).



Riverside Buffet Remodel


If you have been to the Riverside Resort Casino lately you couldn't miss the noise and work going on right off the main part of the Casino floor. The Riverside Buffet is still open but undergoing a remodel.  Pictures and details   


Aquarius Revenue Increases


American Casino & Entertainment, the owner of the Aquarius Resort Casino in
Laughlin and Stratosphere in Vegas reports company wide 3rd quarter revenue
increases.   More details   See all the numbers here.

Casino Drive Make-Over


 The beautifying of the median of Casino Drive is expected to wrap up no later than early December.  The irrigation system is in place.  Decorative Boulders are in place.  New Art Sculptures just were installed.  The make-over of Casino Drive is making slow but steady progress.  See more pictures and details here.   


A Restored River Rick!


 The cowboy sign at the Pioneer Casino known as River Rick is looking great these days!  Last week we were surprised (shocked actually) to see he was moving his arms.  This is the first time we have ever seen this sign fully lit up and operattional. Good Job, Pioneer!   Go here to see recent pictures and a video clip of River Rick moving his arms.  


Laughlin River Lodge Open


Gaming (no table games) opened at the new Laughlin River Lodge on November 1st at 8 a.m..  There was packed crowd with lines to get a Players Card reaching to the main entrance from hours. We have posted dozens of pictures, information and, of course, our opinions about opening weekend on our blog.   Read Part I here.       Read Part II here. 


Traveling Memorial Wall  


The Traveling Vietman Veterans Wall will be in Laughlin at the north parking lot of the Tropicana until Wednesday around noon.  Click on the link here to see a few pictures  of the wall when we stopped by the other day.


Sunrise Veterans Service  


See pictures and a video clip of the recent Sunrise Service for Veterans held at the Pioneer Casino in Laughlin 



Tim McGraw Show Pictures


Tim McGraw put on an amazing show in Laughlin last night at the Laughlin Event  Center.  To see some pictures taken out the show come on over to our  Facebook Group and or visit our blog post to check them out.   


New Appetizers at the Cove Bar


We dropped in one of our favorite spots for a drink and saw that they had added a few new itmes to their appeatizer menu.

So, of course, we had to try a couple.   See the new items at the Cove Bar and Lounge in the Aquarius Resort Casino.


El Burro Borracho coming soon


Guy Fieri's new restaurant has a planned opening for mid-December at Harrah's

Laughlin sometime in December.  Rumor is the new name will be Guy Fieri's El

Burro Borracho. While we were recently in Vegas we decided to try out some of

the items on his menu at his restaurant at the Quad (soon to be the LINQ).   See

our review.  

Laughlin Mall - New Owners


The Laughlin mall has a new owner and will soon have a new name: Priceless Outlets of Las Vegas at Laughlin

Priceless Outlets of Las Vegas at Laughlin, LLC, a member of the Moonbeam Capital Investments group of companies,


When will we learn?


Craving a good steak in Laughlin?  Our guests were one night and convinced us to go the Outback Steakhouse in the

Aquarius Resort Casino.  Once again we had what we now call the fast food of steak.  At non-fast-food prices.  Think about

the steak but if you must visit, get a salad!   View the Details of Our Dining Experience Here

Community Award Winners 


Thd 17th annual Community Achievement Awards took place on Saturday night

at the Aquarius Resort Casino.  Fred Doten was awareded the Citizen of the Year

award.  Congratulations and thank you to all the winners and nominees.  See the

complete list of awards here.

Pictures of Laughlin, NV


Weather is beautiful this time of year.  Laughlin, NV is a great place to see a sunset or sunrise over the river or mountains--

or even out in the desert.   Click this link to see this week's Random Laughlin pics.

Best Pizza Slice in Laughlin?


We recently tried a slice of Pizza at Mia's Pizza in the Laughlin Outlet Mall.  We couldn't help but compare it to one we had

not too long ago at Wild Style Burgers and Pizza in the Edgewater Casino.   See which one we liked better and why here.


Diamond Lounge Redemption  


After a terrible experince at the Harrah's Laughlin Diamond Lounge we were convinced to go back and give it one more try. 

See what we found this time! 


Good Pizza - Great Beer  


Wild Style Burgers & Pizza is on the Casino floor of the Edgewater.  We finally got in there to try a slice of their Pizza. We

were happy to see they also had two types of beer on tap from Pint's Microbrewery (located in the Colorado Belle).   Good

pizza, great beer, decent prices.   See Our Complete Review Here.  


Guy Fieri Restaurant Coming  


The old Baja Blue restaurant in Harrah's Laughlin is now closed and in the process of being transformed into the new Guy Fieri spot.  Opening is slated for December of 2014. View More Details

Caesars Entertainment and Guy Fieri original press release
Details Here.


Surf and Turf Review  


We had not visited the Hickory Pit Steakhouse in the Edgewater Hotel and Casino

for well over a year.  One night recently we dropped in to try their special $19.99

Surf and Turf.  Find Out What Surprise We Got Here.



Fruit Flies in the Liquor 


Gold Diggers lounge is open again after a brief closure courtesty of the Southern

Nevada Health District.  They received 36 demerits in an inspection on August

30th.  The main reason for the closure was fruit flies in the liquor bottles.  They

did pass the re-inspection quickly with a A grade and no demerits.  See pictures

from the inspection and  details here 

 New-Buffalo's at Fatburger 


Buffalo's is now a part of the Laughlin, NV Fatburger at the Riverside Casino. We

just noticed the sign on the Riverwalk and took a quick look at their menu.  They

serve both traditional and boneless wings in a variety of sauces.  Have you tried

them?   Tell us what you think on our Facebook Group    See more details and the

menu details here 


The End of the River Palms 


The River Palms isnow closed.  New owners are expected to reopen as the River Lodge sometime in the fall after they meet with the Nevada Gaming Commission and do some deep cleaning and renovations.  See the pictures and story.  


Gold Diggers gets a bad inspection 


The "Sports Bar @ Tarzans Bar" located at 2300 S. Casino Drive in Laughlin had been Closed by the Southern Nevada Health District on August 31, 2014. This is the addressof the The Golden Nugget Laughlin The SNHD must be using the old Tarzan name in their records. As far as we can determine this is now the GoldDiggers club. GoldDiggers is open now, and must of passed a re-inspection.   Details of the Inspection Here.  



New Card at Golden Nugget 


The Golden Nugget Laughlin has switched their 24 Karat Players club cards over to a new card. To play in the Casino (other than on a few older coin based machines) everyone needs to go to the Pllayers Club desk and get a replacement new card.   More Details

Which Players Club in Laughlin is your favorite?  Our mini-poll last month showed Harrah's at the winner with the Golden Nugget and Edgewater coming in second.  Pioneer Casino was last.

River Rick Restored? 


We have to say - Good Job, (finally) to the Pioneer Casino.  River Rick is finally lit up.   It appears some parts may not be completely done but by far this is the most the sign has been fully operational in years. It looks much improved! You can even see his face and his eyes and cigarette blink.  See the pictures 


Laughlin Changes in Progress 


Slowly but steadily several Laughlin Casinos are making some changes.  River Rick, the iconic cowboy sign, at the Pioneer has had some work and is almost fully lit up.  The Golden Nugget has been doing renovations for several months.  The Tropicana is adding a new Bingo Hall right on the Casino floor plus upgrading Victory Plaza.  In addition, a beautificaiton project of the median and other parts of Casino Drive has begun.   Read Details  


950K Jackpot Hit in Laughlin 


The Aquarius Resort Casino in Laughlin, NV was the locaiton of a big payoff worth $953,220.95 on the Wizard of Oz progressive slot machine.   Read Details  

Titan 360 comes to Laughlin  


Athought not a really new realease, the huge slot machine, the Titan 360 debuted last week at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin.  The massive 8 seat/slot machine features a unique bonus round and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. We recieved a short video clip of someone hitting the Major jackpot just days after it was in place at the Aquarius.  See more info about the Titan 360 and the video clip here.    Apparently, there are only two of these slots in Nevada. 


Wild Style gets 34 demerits 


In the latest Restaurant inspection posted by the Southern Nevada Health District
the Wild Style Burgers & Pizza at the Edgewater Hotel and Casino received a
low "C" rating with 34 total demerits.  Wild Style just recently opened and we
had been looking forward to trying it soon.   Read Details Here.  

Update:  Good news, on their reinspection they did pass with an A grade and 0 demertis.


Lions Share Slot Hits


According to various tweets, the Lions Share Slot at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which had not hit since the 90's finally paid out it's progressive jackpot   Read Details Here.   


Monsoon Activity Pics  

On Tuesday, August 19th Monsoon activity caused rain, winds, some minor flooding for a couple of hours.   We left Casino Drive before the bulk of the storm hit but here are a few pictures we snapped as it all began. 

Pictures of the clouds and mountains after the storms 


River Regatta Photos

See Part I of just a few of the River Regatta photo's we took.  

River Regatta Pictures Part II - Pictures

The following is a blog post is an assortment of random Photos taken during the
annual River Regatta weekend. lncluding the above picture of the reigning Miss
Arizona and the newly crowned Miss River Regatta.  See More Here  


Coach Store Opens at the Mall


The Coach Outlet store opened in the Laughlin Outlet Mall.  For more about the store and the other new tenant we noticed in the the mall Read Here.  Plus no news is good news about the Food Court.  3 of the 6 spots are still operating and
there is free wifi.

Full Moon - Super Moon Pics


Over the weekend the closest full moon of the year appeared in the sky.  This is often referred to as a SuperMoon. Pictures of it over a couple of nights near Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ


Coast Guard Chopper at Regatta

There was plenty of action in the water at the River Regatta.  Meanwhile a U.S. Coast Guard Chopper flew by and appeared to be setting down over in Bullhead City.  See the Photos Here.


More Restaurant Inspections


The Southern Nevada Health District routinely performs health/restaurant inspections.  For the most part Laughlin restaurants have done well lately.  See two spots that earned a less than top A rating in June.


Laughlin Gaming Down for June


For the month of June (2014), Laughlin had more visitors but less gambling. Overall gaming win was down 3.53%  over the same period in June of 2013, See all the numbers and statistics for Laughlin, Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada   Read the Press Release Here


A Visit to the Laughlin DMV


Laughlin residents have a great little secret, virtually no lines, no waits, and fast service at their little rural  DMV office. But some new residents and others are learning the hard way about the Nevada Pay Your Fair Share Program. Especially if they get a knock on the door from the Laughlin Constable office.  Read More


Making Casino Drive Beautiful


Watch for construction on Casino Drive in the near future (Monday through Thursday only).  The project to beautify the median and drive is back up and running.  Learn More

River Palms Sold Again


Tropicana Entertainment Inc. Announced Sale of River Palms Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada to Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc. and Laughlin Hotel, LLC. Cash sale 6.75 million dollars.  This is a new sale after the previous one fell through last year. At this time they plan intend to discontinue operations in September of 2014. New owners looking to open quickly after renovations and improvements are made. Read the Press Release Here

Tim McGraw - Nov. 8th


 LAUGHLIN, NV-- Country superstar Tim McGraw will be in Laughlinn playing at the new outdoor Laughlin Event Center on November 8. Tickets are on sale now at the local Casino's or at the LaughlinEventCenter.Com website.  More Details


Is it Real or Fake?


 Is the World's Largest Golden Nugget called the "Hand of Faith" that is on display in Laughlin real or fake?  Learn more here.  


2 Gold Medals for Pints


Pints Restaurant and Brewery in the Colorado Belle just won two gold medals at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition held June 7-8. We haven't tried them yet.  What is your favorite brew at Pints?  Learn more here.   


One Step Closer


After 3 days of hearings the Clark County Commissioners narrowed 79 applicants down to just 18
for Clark County medical marijuana dispensaries.  One of them is right on Casino Drive in Laughlin.  Do you think this is a good location or do you oppose or support a dispensary in Laughlin?  More Details and Tell Us What You Think Here 


Laughlin River Run

Rusty Coones, the Sons of Anarchy Actor, had his booth selling his clothing line shut down by Las Vegas Metro Police (who patrol Laughlin) in the Vendor area at the recent Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nevada. 

Read  More Details Here  (photo credit:  TMZ) 


Recovery Forget Laughlin?


An article on VegasInc.Com talked about how the recovery forgot Laughlin. Though some facts and figures don't lie, there is much more to Laughlin than how it is portrayed in this piece. Read the article here and come by our Facebook page and tell us what you think. Laughlin Buzz on Facebook.

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